*NEW* Backyard Chicken Collection

Blue Orpington Hen

Our Blue Orpington Hen has a taupe base with soft blush & sage pours. We've added copper, charcoal, and teal speckles to make it the fanciest hen on the block!

Take Flight Collection

Murmuration Set

This set is inspired by the stunning phenomenon known as murmuration, where flocks of Starlings fly in unison through the dusky skies!

(4) 50g fade skeins wound up into 1

Take Flight Collection

The April Canary

Happy Birthday to our April birdies! We had so much fun creating this unexpected, discordant Canary palette for you! Enjoy, friends!

Featured semisolids are Snowshoe, Squash, Caper & Cracked Pepper

Limited Time Preorder

Cloudflare Sets

We'll be taking preorders on our Cloudflare Sets this week, grab a mini, 50 or full set for a limited time!

3-4 week processing time


Botanical Fade Advent

We're so excited to be sharing our advent theme for 2024, botanicals!

24 mini skeins + 1 full skein, available in our Merino Sock, Phyllis Sock, Single Sock & DK bases

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