Bespoke Advent - Phyllis Sock

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We have a small amount of these one-of-a-kind advents Bespoke Advents available today! Ready-to-ship! Everything will be individually wrapped and numbered. When they're gone, they're gone friends! Advents are not refundable, please be confident in your purchase.

The minis included in these advents are primarily one pot colorways thus our Bespoke Advents will not have individual listed colorway names.

Check out the names & descriptors below for what sort of color palette you can expect from each!

Random - full spectrum of color, full range of value, not in fade order just random!

Spectrum - unconventional fade, 

full spectrum of color, full range of value

Soft Hues - light to mid-value range, limited purples

Blue & Purple - full value range, limited warm hues

Muted Fall

full range of value,

full spectrum of color, limited purples

Brights - bright & poppy!

Advents will include:

(24) 20 gram mini skeins

(1) 100 gram skein

Phyllis Sock

75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon l 4-ply fingering

460 yards / 100 grams